How to Make a Halter Tutu Dress: Version 2

Posted on 13. Nov, 2008 by Trish in Tutorial

A little while back, I wrote a post on how to make a halter tutu dress. I showed how to make two layers by tying them one at a time.

Well, since then I have figured out how to make the two layers using one single knot.

First, criss-cross the two colors.

Then pull the ends of the same colors together.
Place the layer underneath the elastic, with the top color on top
(this is what it would look like on the back of the elastic)

Then tie the tulle in a square knot.

This is what it looks like on the back of the elastic.

If you want more detail instruction on how to make a halter tutu dress, make sure to check out my first post. This one is just an alternate way to make a layered dress. You don’t have to make one layer shorter than the other like I did in this tutu dress, but you can if you want. Some people like to use two different colors, like a pink and a white, and this will create those two separate colors, also making it a reversible tutu. One day you can wear it with the white on top, and another with the pink on top, for example. Or you could mix up the colors to make it look more subtle. I’m trying to make one with flowers too to show you what that would look like. Once again you can finish the top with a boa, flowers, or even ribbon.

Here is a reversible tutu I made, with dark pink on the top, and light pink on the bottom.


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