How to Make a Tulle Wand

How to Make a Tulle Wand

Posted on 27. Oct, 2009 by Trish in Tutorial

This year for Halloween I happened to make my nieces their fairy princess costumes.  No fairy princess is complete without their wand, however.  I decided to make them some matching wands using some of the extra tulle I had, and figured I’d share how I did it with you.

Materials Needed:

  • Tulle
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Ribbon and other trims
  • Hot Glue


1. First you want to cut the tulle .  For one wand I used the tulle from a spool that is 6 inches wide and cut it into 5 inch strips.  I cut 16 of these.  For the other wand I just used regular tulle from a bolt and cut it into rectangles that were 6 inches by 4 inches so it would make a smaller tulle puff.  If you want a fuller puff, cut more rectangles.  The more you have, the fuller it will be.


2. Divide the tulle into 2 piles.  I had some white shimmer tulle that I added in randomly between the layers of pink tulle.  Then to make it easier to separate and poof the tulle later on, I went ahead and cut these piles in half on the 6 inch side, so they became 5 inches by 3 inches.  I left them laying side by side, instead of stacking them on top of each other, so the piles still looked the same.


3. Then using some embroidery thread, I wrapped it around the middle of the tulle and tied it tight so it looks like a couple of bows.  Make sure you tie the opposite side of what you cut, otherwise the pieces of tulle will just fall out or look funny.


4. Lay one “bow” on top of the other so it looks like one big circle.  Using the ends of the embroidery thread, tie the second bow onto the first.


5.  Go through and separate all the layers of tulle and mold it so it looks like one big puff ball.


6.  Next, I took a wooden dowel and hot glued the end into the bottom of the puff ball.


7. Then I took some sequins and ribbon and beads that I had in my stash (you can use pretty much anything you want here) and hot glued those to the dowel and the bottom of the puff.


8. Last, I went through and wrapped the dowel with some ribbon, gluing the ends so it would stay on.

tulle wand

That’s it!  They are really simple to make, but still really fun.  My daughter saw them and decided she had to have a “pretty pretty princess” wand too.

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45 Responses to “How to Make a Tulle Wand”

  1. Tenessia

    01. Jan, 2014

    Thank you so much for your inspiration! I have made the wands for my baby girls first birthday which is in March. These are beautiful! Thanks again!!!

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  2. Claudia

    30. Jul, 2013

    Hi! Thank for sharing your great ideas! I tried using your instructions but I am having a hard time wrapping the ribbon on the dowel, it gets “bumpy” on some parts

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  3. Kate

    23. Jun, 2013

    Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! My son turns 4 soon and we’re having a knight party for him. I made cool pool noodle swords for the boys and was stuck about what to provide for the girls, and I’m so glad I found you!
    The princess wands turned out great!! I plan to post them on my blog w/ a reference to you Trish.
    Many thanks!!!

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  4. [...] I made the tutu (thanks to this tutu tutorial) and the wand (thanks to this lovely wand tutorial.) [...]

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  5. ashlyn

    23. Sep, 2012

    me and my friend will use this for halloween

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  6. Lauren

    24. Aug, 2012

    I absolutely love this!

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  7. Hue

    27. Jun, 2012

    it’s very nice, I will do it for my baby
    tks u very much!
    happy your family!

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  8. elizabt

    19. May, 2012

    Love the wands! Do you think I can use pencils?

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  9. Jeddah

    04. May, 2012

    This is such a cool idea I love it.

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  10. Christine

    11. Apr, 2012

    I love this easy how-to guide on wand making! I’m creating a sassy tutu and princess wand for a very special 1-year old birthday party. I can’t wait to see her play with it!

    I”ll have lots of pics and make sure to tag your blog in my post. Great stuff here! Stay tuned – I’ll post Monday so I don’t ruin the Sunday bday party surprise. ;)

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