Cloth Pads for An African Orphanage

Cloth Pads for An African Orphanage

Posted on 31. May, 2010 by Trish in Crafts

I recently came across a post on a forum by someone who was asking for advice for how to make cloth pads for an orphanage in Africa.  Her friend was adopting 2 girls from there and none of the girls had any sanitary supplies.  There were 30 girls, so the gal was going to try to make 200 cloth pads for them, also known as Mama Cloth.

Well, next thing we know, everyone is volunteering to help out and we had over 200 pads promised, and more coming in, so we decided to try for 400 pads to help another orphanage!  They also needed underwear and wetbags to keep the dirty pads in.

It was amazing to see the generosity of everyone involved.  I decided to try my hand at making some and got 10 done fairly quickly.  I had never made them before, but they were pretty simple.  Here are the 10 I made up.

For some reason the post was removed on the forum and people wanted someplace to keep track of the progress, so I volunteered my blog here for that purpose.  I don’t have all the original information of how many have been promised or the link to the pattern a lot of people were using, but I will try to update this post as I get more information.  To all those who were originally participating, feel free to leave a comment with any questions or to let us know your progress.  You can leave the link to your pictures in your comments so everyone can take a look at your wonderful creations!

*Please note that your comment might go into moderation.  I’ll try to approve all the comments as soon as possible, but it might take a little time before it gets approved!*

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18 Responses to “Cloth Pads for An African Orphanage”

  1. Midwestern Housewife

    01. Jun, 2010

    I got the “misunderstanding” worked out and the mods reinstated the thread!

    Thanks so much for giving everyone a place to get together off-site! Your pads are beautiful!

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  2. babygirls2

    31. May, 2010

    I will be finishing the 20 pads I promised and mailing them Wednesday. I have 6 more to do. I will try to do more tomorrow but we shall see how cooperative my kiddos are. =]

    So how many wetbags are left to do now? Undies? What was determined that we would do for the panties? Send PP to the original poster?

    BTW…thanks for lending your blog!

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  3. Weecycled Woolies

    31. May, 2010

    Ok, so I have sewn 50 bottoms and 50 tops. I am going to turn them and pin them to eachother tonight. I stil have another 50 to do, hopefully will get them done tomorrow.

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  4. Winter

    31. May, 2010

    I have some wet bags I can donate, but I am not sure they’d get there in time, since I live in Canada. Is the June 10th deadline concrete? Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks at best.

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  5. Five Green Beans

    31. May, 2010

    I dont know what is still needed. I am not a pad maker but I can give it try if someone can enlighten me on the sizes needed and such. I have some heavy weight fleece and flannel that I can use. I understand they didn’t want PUL pads but are PUL wet bags ok? I have some scrap I might beable to get 1 or 2 bags out of it. Also if anyone needs snaps done they can send pads to me. Or if your local to me (pittsburgh area) I can meet with you and do some snapping. Also does anyone know if they need supplies to wash with. I am a Rockin’ Green retialier and could maybe see about sending some soap. It is quite heavy and costly to ship so I don’t know if that is an option.

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  6. MomdeIsla

    31. May, 2010

    I actually ended up making 26 INSTEAD of 10 I kept cutting until i ran out of supplies……will go to snap person tues….should recieve by the 10th.

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