Variations of the Quick Snap Flat Wrap (QSFW)

Variations of the Quick Snap Flat Wrap (QSFW)

Posted on 01. Sep, 2010 by Trish in Tutorial

Shortly before my baby boy was born I decided I might want to try cloth diapers.  Since I know how to sew, I decided to make some of my own.  I was completely clueless as to what style I wanted since I had never tried any cloth diaper and I really didn’t even know what was out there.

One free pattern I came across was the Quick Snap Flat Wrap(QSFW) and it’s companion the Short Wing Quick Snap Flat Wrap(SWQSFW).  These sew up SUPER fast and don’t take a lot of material.  Some people have taken the original design and added things, such as leg elastic, or a stay dry sling.  I decided to make some with the variations and some without and compare them on my newborn.  I wanted to see how they fit differently or how well they held in the super runny bf poo newborns have.

All the SWQSFW are made with one layer of knit and one layer of either velour or baby terry.  The QSFW is made of one layer knit and one layer of regular terry.  I think next time I would add another absorbent layer to them since I found I needed to add a washcloth folded in 3rds for more absorbency.

First off, I wanted to show the difference between the QSFW and the SWQSFW.  The one on the left is the regular QSFW, and the one on the right is the short wing version.  I only made the one QSFW, and the rest are the short wing version.

Here they are actually on a 9 lb newborn:

Next is the difference of having a washcloth added, vs no washcloth:

Let’s start with action shots of the QSFW:

As you can see, on my boy, there is a lot of gap at the leg and it didn’t contain his poo.  Now, let me state that diapers fit every kid differently, so just because it didn’t work with my son doesn’t mean it’s a bad pattern!  It might fit perfectly on someone else.

Now here is the short wing version with nothing fancy added:

There is still some leg gap, but it’s not quite as bad.  I did try to fold the edges of the leg in before I put it on.  This one, however, did not hold his poo either.  It leaked right out the legs.  :(

Now here are some of the variations I did to the short wing version that made it work a lot better for us!

Here is the short wing version with elastic added in the back area by simply folding over the edge and forming a casing for the elastic:

No leg gap at all, and it worked perfectly!  It was still super easy to do too.  Some people like to add elastic in the area where the wings fold over, but I found it wasn’t necessary at all.

The next variation is a sling that was added that has a stay dry top, and the one I added a layer of baby terry underneath.  This sling has elastic in the sides, and is only connected in the front and the back.  Then I added elastic in the back under the sling.  I didn’t really feel like this was necessary and the back of the diaper fit snugly enough to contain blowouts for us.  Then the wings simply fold under the sling.

As you can see, the sling acted like gussets of sorts. Even though there was leg gap from the actual SWQSFW, the messes were contained in the sling.  I liked this variation too, but it definitely took more work than just adding the leg elastic in the back and worked the same.

In conclusion, if I were to make more for my son, I’d do it with the leg elastic added in the back, since this was super easy to do and really didn’t take much time at all.  If you are in a hurry to get a stash of diapers made up, I highly recommend this pattern!  It took me maybe 10 minutes to cut out and sew my first one, and then I got faster every time.

I hope this helps for some of you!

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